About Our Products

Bio Fish Food
We have been using Dr. Bassleer Biofish Food for years in our on site breeding facility and it has been proved to be an extremely nutritious source of food for our fishes. It has significantly more nutrients compared to most conventional ornamental fish food and does not contain any artificial colourants.

Our goal is to help you reestablish the health and well-being of your ornamental fish through an effective, reliable and safe treatment. The fish medication we carry is the result of many years of research, development and testing designed to be a simple, safe and effective treatment against numerous infections such as protozoa, fungal infections, worms, parasites and intestinal flagellates.

Our filter media remove finer dirt and mechanical opacities. The AQUAVITAL system – whose individual products have been selected to optimally supplement one to each other – creates ideal living conditions in the aquarium. The water may be contaminated by heavy metals, phosphates or other harmful substances. With various water conditioners of the Aquavital series, contaminants are reliably bound, neutralized or removed.

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